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Vbs comment statement
Vbs comment statement

Vbs comment statement

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statement comment vbs

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So, when I needed to add a GPL notice to the top of several source files with notepadDim DailyTotal As Decimal = 0 ' Sales total for today. Nov 20, 2012 - Possible Duplicate: commenting VB code. The alternatives to commenting are self-documenting code and separate code documents. ' This is a comment beginning at the left edge of the screen. Copy. ' This comment is so long that it requires more than one line, Comments are statements that are ignored by the script host when the script runs. VB. Nov 3, 2003 - I know how to do a single-line comment in VBScript: 'This is a comment Usually when I do multiple lines I just begin each line with a single VBScript Syntax - Learn VBScript in simple and easy steps starting from Environment Any statement that starts with a Single Quote (') is treated as comment. text1. ' This entire line is a comment. These rules are good for all Visual Basic versions, including VB. Does anybody know how to do a block comment in Visual Basic? Note: I did a few searches on here Mar 10, 2011 - Possible Duplicate: commenting VB code · Lack of block comments in The only way is to highlight the lines to comment and press ctrl + k, ctrl +how to break up lines of codes AND comments in VB 4 answers1 May is it possible to comment out more than 1 line of 5 answers15 Dec 2009More results from stackoverflow.comMultiline comment in VB.NET | The ASP.NET 11, 2011 - 12 posts - ?7 authorsVB.Net does not technically support multi-line comments. To ensure Comments included on the same line as a VBScript statement Learn how to make comments in VBScript with's VBScript Commenting lesson. VB. Copy. Comments can follow a statement on the same line, or occupy an entire line.
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